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Poaceae : Hierochloe hirta

Poaceae : Hierochloe hirta


Download Seedling: Rooted cuttings produce new shoots within a couple of weeks. (55 KB)

Download Flowering: The inlorescence is a panicle. (48 KB)

Family Name


Common Name



Hierochloe hirta is a(n) perennial rhizomatous, which grows 10 to 70 cm in height. This species is commonly found in moist sites throughout the prairie. The leaves are flat. Hierochloe hirta has green flowers that bloom from May to July.

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect seed in June to July
Germination: No pretreatment needed
Vegetative Propagation: Propagate by rhizomes
Soils: Sandy loom
Light: Full sun
Water: Prefers moisture
Notes:The seed of sweetgrass are usually not viable seed and are slow to grow

Poaceae : Hierochloe hirta