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Glycyrrhiza lepidota

Scientific Name

Glycyrrhiza lepidota


Download Seed: The smooth brown seeds of American licorice are 3-4 mm long. (59 KB)

Download Seed: Two month old American licorice seedling grown in research garden at SDSU. (72 KB)

Download Seed: Leaves are 8-10 cm long and have 7-21 leaflets. (49 KB)

Download Flowering: The flowers create a spikelike raceme. (53 KB)

Download Fruiting: Fruit pods of American licorice in mid August. (45 KB)

Family Name


Common Name

American licorice

Native American Name

Dakota: "Wi-nawizi (*Wee naweezee)"


Glycyrrhiza lepidota is a(n) perennial herbaceous, which grows 3 dm to 10 dm in height. This species is commonly found pastures, prairies, disturbed areas, native to Pacific coast states. South to Mexico, north to Ontario and east to New York. In South Dakota, this plant can be found in waste places, draws, woods, prairies, and pastures. The leaves are alternate. Glycyrrhiza lepidota has pink red-purple flowers that bloom from June to August.

Additional Notes

*In the 1980's Native Americans on the Lake Traverse Reservation began to document "Wi-nawizi" in this format.

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect seed in Jun.-Aug, when dark olive green in color
Germination: Scarification
Vegetative Propagation: In early spring or late fall, pieces of underground runners can be propagated
Soils: Prefers rich well-drained soil
Light: Full sun
Water: Prefers moist conditions
Notes: Should be planted about 10 cm below the surface

Glycyrrhiza lepidota