South Dakota Native Plant Research
Liatris punctata

Scientific Name

Liatris punctata


Download Seed of gayfeather collected near Brookings, S.D. in August. (42 KB)

Download Seedling: One month old seedling of gayfeather grown in research greenhouse at SDSU. (61 KB)

Download Vegetative: Leaves are crowded into the stem. (51 KB)

Download Flowering: The inflorescence is spikelike. (46 KB)

Download Fruiting: The achenes of dotted-gayfeather are produced in late summer. (97 KB)

Download Research garden: Second year plant in research gardens near Brookings, S.D. (86 KB)

Family Name


Common Name

dotted blazing star, dotted-gayfeather, blazing star, Kansas gayfeather, button snakeroot, rattlesnake master, and starwort

Native American Name

Lakota: Tatecannuga


Liatris punctata is a(n) perennial herbaceous, which grows 1 dm to 8 dm in height. This species is commonly found prairie and native pastures, dry, open uplands, especially in loose soils from Michigan to Arkansas to New Mexico. The leaves are alternate, linear. Liatris punctata has pink purple flowers that bloom from July to October.

Additional Notes

Lakota name means lumpy carcass

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect seed in late summer around August
Germination: Ethephon
Vegetative Propagation: Bulbs
Soils: Adapted to a variety of soils
Light: Full sun
Water: Moderate to dry
Notes: Plant at about three seeds per square foot

Liatris punctata