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Poaceae: Bromus tectorum

Poaceae: Bromus tectorum


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Family Name


Common Name

Cheatgrass, Downy brome


Bromus tectorum is an annual grass with hollow, erect to ascending stems, 20-60 cm tall, with many soft white hairs on the lower leaves and stems and fewer hairs toward the top. The leaf blades are flat, 1-19 cm long and 1-5 mm wide. The ligule is membranous, 2 to 5 mm long, jagged along the top edge. The inflorescence is a panicle, 4-20 cm long, nodding to one side with arching branches. The lower branches have up to 8 spikelets per branch, with the upper usually with only 1 or 2. The pedicellate spikelets are lance-elliptic, 10 to 25 mm long, with a long awn. The spikelets contain 4-7 florets and one or more of the terminal florets may be sterile. The fruit is a 1-seeded grain. Cheatgrass blooms in May and June in disturbed areas throughout South Dakota.

Additional Notes

Downy brome is an invasive species that should be removed when encountered.

Poaceae: Bromus tectorum