South Dakota Native Plant Research
Fabaceae : Psoralea esculenta

Fabaceae : Psoralea esculenta

R. Neil Reese, South Dakota State University

*In the 1980's Native Americans on the Lake Traverse Reservation began to document "Tipsi/Tipsina" in this format


Psoralea esculenta is a(n) Stems having dense pubescence mark this perennial plant with a tuberous-thickened root, which grows 8 to 30 cm. Psoralea is harvested for food in height. This species is commonly found ridges and slopes from low to mid elevations in mixed grass prairies to open woodlands from Alberta and Manitoba south to Arkansas. The leaves are palemately compound (usually 5-merous). Psoralea esculenta has blue purple flowers that bloom from May to July.