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Ribes odoratum

Scientific Name

Ribes odoratum


Download Seed: Ribies seed after fruit was removed. (55 KB)

Download Vegetative: The bright green leaves are 2-5 cm long. (110 KB)

Download Flowering: The flowers are trumpet-shaped. (84 KB)

Download Fruiting: The fruit of the golden current is a berry. (85 KB)

Family Name


Common Name

Buffalo current


Ribes odoratum is a(n) shrub herbaceous, which grows 1m to 2m in height. This species is commonly found open hillsides, riverbanks, and thickets. The leaves are simple, alternate, 3-lobed. Ribes odoratum has yellow bright red flowers that bloom from April to May.

Additional notes: Branches arch with the younger ones light brown, older ones becoming dark brown. Leaves fascicled on side branches of older wood.

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect seed in July when berries are mature
Germination: Stratification of fall sow
Vegetative Propagation:
Soils: Tolerates most soil types
Light: Full shade to partial shade
Water: Dry to moist

Ribes odoratum