South Dakota Native Plant Research
Asclepias incarnata

Scientific Name

Asclepias incarnata


Download Seed: Brown seeds of swamp milkweed are 6.5-9 mm long. (60 KB)

Download Seedling: Seedling of swamp milkweed two weeks after germination. (55 KB)

Download Vegetative: The leaves are 6-15 cm long. (93 KB)

Download Flowering: The swamp milkweed produces numerous flowers in axillary and terminal umbels. (97 KB)

Download Fruiting: The swamp milkweed produces a follicle or pod in June-September. (68 KB)

Family Name


Common Name

Swamp milkweed

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect seed in late summer (Aug.)
Germination: Epthephon
Soils: Prefers natural to slightly acidic
Light: Full sun
Water: Prefers boggy areas
Notes: Collect the seed after the milkweed pods have turned from green to a brownish gray. The pods will begin to split open when the seeds are mature.

Asclepias incarnata