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Ranunculaceae: Anemone cylindrica

Ranunculaceae: Anemone cylindrica


Download Seed: The seed of candle anemone is an achene. (248 KB)

Download Seedling: Three month old seedling grown in research greenhouse at SDSU. (56 KB)

Download Vegietative: The lobes of the leaves are sharply jagged and toothed. (68 KB)

Download Flowering: Flowers are solitay and commonly found 2-7 in number. (457 KB)

Download Fruiting: The achenes of candle anemone are covered by a wooly pubescence. (187 KB)

Download Demonstration garden SDSU (470 KB)

Family Name


Common Name

Candle anemone

Native American Name

Lakota: tȟúŋkala tȟatȟúŋkče


Anemone cylindrica is a perennial herbaceous forb that grows from a stout caudex forming clumps. The pubescent stems are upright growing 30–70 cm tall. The leaves cauline are 3-7 lobed 2.5 – 6.5 cm long with petioles from 1-5 cm long. The leaf lobes are jaggedly toothed and pubescent, especially on the bottom. The basal leaves are similarly shaped, 5-14 cm wide with petioles that reach 21 cm in length. The flowers are 1-7 in number 1.5-2 cm in diameter, with 4-6 white sepals and bloom in June and July. There are numerous stamens and a cylindrical arrangement of pistils. In fruit te achenes are arrayed on a cylinder 1.5-3.5 cm long and 7-11 mm wide. The achenes are covered by a wooly white pubescence. Candle anemone can be found throughout South Dakota growing in open prairies and pastures.

Additional Notes

Anemone cylindrica is a nice addition to native plant gardens. It is easy to grow and attracts native butterflies and bees.

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect the achenes in July to Sept. when they are brown in color
Germination: No pretreatment is needed for the seeds
Soils: Sandy
Light: Full sun to partial shade
Water: Well drained to dry conditions

Ranunculaceae: Anemone cylindrica