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Dalea candida

Scientific Name

Dalea candida


Download Seed: Seeds are 1.5 to 2.5 mm long. (81 KB)

Download Seedling: Two month old white prairie clover seedling grown in research greenhouse at SDSU. (129 KB)

Download Vegetative: leaves contain 3-9 leaflets. (83 KB)

Download Flowering: The flowers are terminal on the main stem. (58 KB)

Download Fruiting: The indehiscent fruit pods produce 1 seed each. (66 KB)

Family Name


Common Name

Prairie clover, slender white prairie clover, white prairie clover

Native American Name



Dalea candida is a(n) perennial herbaceous, which grows 3 dm to 10 dm in height. This species is commonly found prairie, rocky open woods. The leaves are alternate. Dalea candida has white white flowers that bloom from May to August.

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect seed in Jul.-Aug. when brown in color
Germination: Scarification
Vegetative Propagation:
Soils: Rocky or gravelly
Light: Full sun
Notes: Can be planted in spring and grows quickly

Dalea candida