South Dakota Native Plant Research
Liatris aspera

Scientific Name

Liatris aspera


Download Seed: Achenes of rough blazing star are 4-5 mm long. (62 KB)

Download Seedling: Two month old seedling of rough blazing star. (107 KB)

Download Vegetative: Leaves are 5-40 cm long and .6-4 cm wide. (53 KB)

Download Flowering: The inflorescence is spikelike. (65 KB)

Download Fruiting: Rough blazing star produces seed in late summer. The achenes or seeds develop in tight bundles that later open to producing a fuzzy appearance (this is when the seed is ready to be collected). (97 KB)

Family Name


Common Name

Rough blazing star, tall blazing star

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect seed in August
Germination: Ethephon
Vegetative Propagation: Bulbs
Soils: Sandy
Light: Full sun
Water: Dry

Liatris aspera