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Executive Summery
The Vision: Building a Biobased Economy
[Page] 4 The Sun Grant Initiative
[Page] 5 Renewing the Mission of Land-Grant Universities
[Page] 5 A Regional Approach
[Page] 5 Reaching National Goals Through Regional Leadership
[Page] 6 Integrating National and Regional Priorities
[Page] 6 Comprehensive and Integrated Systems Approach
[Page] 7 Cultivating Communication

Federal Partnerships
[Page] 8 U.S. Department of Agriculture
[Page] 8 U.S. Department of Energy
[Page] 9 U.S. Department of Transportation

National Impacts
[Page] 11 Overview
[Page] 12 Sustainable Feedstock Development
[Page] 13 Herbaceous Biomass Crops
[Page] 14 Woody Biomass
[Page] 15 Logistics
[Page] 16 Conversion Technologies
[Page] 19 Education and Outreach

Regional Impacts
[Page] 21 Southeast Region
[Page] 22 South Central Region
[Page] 23 North Central Region
[Page] 25 Northeast Region
[Page] 27 Western Region
[Page] 30 The Path Forward

[Page] 31 References
[Page] 31 Regional Feedstock Partnership National Yield Potential Maps

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South Dakota State University

Sun Grant Initiative: The First Fifteen Years



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