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South Dakota State University

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Winter 2021


[Page] 2 One Day for State
[Page] 2 SDSU Extension NPI Range Roundup
[Page] 3 Con McCrea and NRLE News
[Page] 3 Pete Bauman Updates Western SD Undisturbed Land Data
[Page] 4 First Annual NPI Photo Contest
[Page] 4 Conservation Planning & Park Management Undergraduate Student Eagle Scout Project
[Page] 5 Joe Jenks' Zoom Retirement Celebration
[Page] 6 NRM Affiliate Assistant Professor, Maaz Gardezi - NSF Precision Ag Project: NSF project to build farmers’ confidence in precision ag technologies
[Page] 6 NRM Affiliate, Stella Liu - Faculty Feature video
[Page] 7 SDSU Extension to assess farm-ranch stress statewide
[Page] 8 Undergraduate Graduation 2020
[Page] 9 NRM Faculty Google Scholar Profiles
[Page] 10 Opportunities to support the NRM Department
[Page] 11 Off Campus Research Facilities; Endowed Research Faculty
[Page] 12-25 NRM 2019 & 2020 Award and Scholarship Program


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