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Issue No.10

Running Mind by Gil Johnson
What makes running such a pleasurable experience? Dr. William Glasser asked himself that same question and, after considerable research, has been able to tell us some pretty complex things about the running mind.

Track to Jail by Ray Hosler
Lionel Ortega, winner of this year's Nike Maration, went from a speed workout on the University of New Mexico's track to jail. The reason? Officials say he was spreading a grass-killing fungus.

Pre's Trail by Paul Pintarich
Steve Prefontaine is gone, but he left a living legacy in Eugene, Ore., in Pre's Trail. The route has been called "an unfortunate blessing" for the citizens of the running capitol of the world.

Thanks Giving by Bill Williams
Through rain, snow or sleet-or all three-the Manchester Road Race has been run in Connecticut for 35 years.

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