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Issue No.22

Doctor Dave by Kevin Shyne
In the beginning, Dr. David Costill was just a runner. Then, he began asking questions about his own physiology. Then, Dr. Costill became more than a runner- he became a researcher of running. His research has lead to improved performances for many.

Dissent In The RRCA by Ray Hosler
Fred Lebow wants more leadership in the RRCA. But so far it's the national club against the New York RRC. There were fireworks at the RRCA national convention. Will the New York body form its own federation?

Party Or Race by Ray Hosler
It's time again for Bay to Breakers, the oldest continuously run road race in America. A pocket history of this race shows how it has grown from a race of a few to one of thousands.

Some Don't Like It by Ray Hosler
Two recent studies concur: some people just aren't born to run. Although running makes them feel more fit, many have overwhelming anxiety over their lack of fitness.

Indians -vs- Nurmi by John Koster
In the twenties, Paavo ''The Flying Finn'' Nurmi was pitted in a ''distance race'' against the Tarahumara Indians. But distance to Nurmi was a warm up to the Indians. When the race was over, they were wondering when it would begin.

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