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Issue No.20

Jesse Owens by Bill McClellan
The multiple gold medalist of the 1936, Olympics has had every reason to be bitter. After all, he could win four gold medals but he couldn't get a job. But bitterness wasn't his style-and his style eventually won out.

Outdoors by Bob Moriarty
With an indoor season like we've seen this year, it only stands to reason that the upcoming collegiate outdoor season may be one of the best ever.

Five For Rodgers by Ray Hosler
On the way to breaking the US 30-km. record, Bill Rodgers shattered four other marks-the world and US 25-km., the US hour run, the US I5-mile run. But he didn't do it alone. He had a little help from his friends.

Small Town, Big Track by Mike Davis
When the Midwestern hamlet of Sterling, Ill., needed an indoor track for its high school, local steel magnate Peter Dillon built one. He knew the track would be popular. But he never thought it would turn the town to track.

Why 26? by John Koster
Why is the marathon 26 miles, 385 yards? Because the King of England wanted it to start in his front yard.

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