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Issue No.19

Jack Who by Bob Moriarty
In 1976, an unknown named Jack Fultz won the hottest Boston Marathon on record. Now he is still unrecognized. But to the nomadic Fultz, solitude isn't loneliness. The rhyme of this marathoner is ''Alone again, naturally.''

Running Boston by John Kelly
More than two decades of running Boston have made John Kelley a wellspring of information on how to run the country's oldest marathon. Remember, don't drink the milk and always carry a stick.

Jog, Run, Watch by Joe Henderson
Last year, running author Joe Henderson didn't run the Boston Marathon-he watched it. What he came up with was the literary musings I of a participating observer.

Boston Odds by Steve San Filippo
By most standards, the Boston Marathon has always been a big sporting event. But now it is a big money event. Las Vegas has taken the race under its wing, making this a bookmaker's delight.

Part 3: AAU by Bob Moriarty
The last of a three-part series on the AAU and distance running examines the toughest area of this controversy : the solutions, as seen by those closest to the situation.

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ON THE RUN, April 5, 1979

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