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Download Ch.15: Using Canopy Reflectance Sensors for Managing N in Wheat (1.9 MB)

Download Ch. 16: Space-based Precision Farming Wheat Management Tools (2.0 MB)

Download Ch: 17: Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Associations and Their Significance for Wheat Production (929 KB)

Download Ch. 18: Online Web Soil Survey (WSS) Information (7.5 MB)

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Download Ch. 27: Using Swathing to Accelerate Wheat Drying and Reduce Yield Losses (915 KB)

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Download Ch. 30: Quality Traits and End-Use Functionality of South Dakota Hard Red Spring and Hard Red Winter Wheat (2.1 MB)

Download Ch. 31: Using Molecular Biology for Management and Genetic Enhancements (1.1 MB)

Download Ch. 32: On-Farm Research Protocols (943 KB)

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Download Ch. 34: Seasonal Crop Hazards (217 KB)

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