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Download Ch.1: Developing a Strategy to Achieve 300 Bushel Corn per Acre or Incrementally Increasing Current Yields (736 KB)

Download Ch.2: Troubleshooting Precision Agricultural Equipment (1.8 MB)

Download Ch.3: IPM Solutions to Pest Management for Corn Production (362 KB)

Download Ch.4: Importance of Using Field Records for Corn Management Recommendations (2.7 MB)

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Download Ch.13: Preparing a Corn Seedbed and Managing Crop Residues (574 KB)

Download Ch.14: Soil Compaction Impact on Corn Yield (1.5 MB)

Download Ch.15: Cover Crops in Rotations Including Corn (2.7 MB)

Download Ch.16: Online Soil Survey Information – Web Soil Survey (WSS) (6.8 MB)

Download Ch.17: Online Soil Survey Information – SoilWeb Application (SWA) (9.1 MB)

Download Ch.18: Corn Silage Production and Utilization (713 KB)

Download Ch.19: Precision Farming Opportunities (4.9 MB)

Download Ch.20: Corn Nitrogen Timing (443 KB)

Download Ch.21: Precision Soil Sampling (1.7 MB)

Download Ch.22: Matching Remote Sensing to Problems (1.8 MB)

Download Ch.23: Estimating Yield Goals and Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, and Zinc Recommendations (1.9 MB)

Download Ch.24: Short- and Long-term Consequences of Corn Stover Harvesting (650 KB)

Download Ch.25: Liming South Dakota Soils (829 KB)

Download Ch.26: Starter, Banding, and Broadcasting Phosphorus Fertilizer for Profitable Corn Production (999 KB)

Download Ch.27: Sulfur can Increase South Dakota Corn Yields (852 KB)

Download Ch.28: Common Fertilizers Used in Corn Production (539 KB)

Download Ch.29: Evaluating the Success of N, K, and P Fertilizer Applications (1.9 MB)

Download Ch.30: Managing High Water Tables in Corn Production (799 KB)

Download Ch.31: Reducing Nitrate Losses from Drained Lands (4.0 MB)

Download Ch.32: The Management and Identification of Saline and Sodic Soils in the Northern Great Plains (1018 KB)

Download Ch.33: Irrigating Corn in South Dakota (2.3 MB)

Download Ch.34: Estimating Corn Seedling Emergence and Variability (1.3 MB)

Download Ch.35: Grain Marketing – Understanding Corn Moisture Content, Shrinkage and Drying (640 KB)

Download Ch.36: Profitability can be Enhanced by Reducing Corn Harvest Losses (1.9 MB)

Download Ch.37: Combine Adjustments to Reduce Harvest Losses (1.6 MB)

Download Ch.38: Estimating Corn Yields (626 KB)

Download Ch.39: Selected Broadleaf Weeds in South Dakota Corn Fields (24.4 MB)

Download Ch.40: Grass and Grasslike Weeds in South Dakota Cornfields (8.3 MB)

Download Ch.41: Chemical Sprayer Application and Calibration (475 KB)

Download CH.42: Herbicide Injury to Corn (4.5 MB)

Download Ch.43: Identification and Control of Herbicide-resistant Weeds (4.0 MB)

Download Ch.44: Weed Management in Organic Corn Production (2.7 MB)

Download Ch.45: Scouting for Corn Diseases (422 KB)

Download Ch.46: Mycotoxins in Corn (800 KB)

Download Ch.47: Corn Diseases in South Dakota and Their Management (10.1 MB)

Download Ch.48: Corn Foliar Fungicides (1.3 MB)

Download Ch.49:Managing Corn Diseases with Seed Treatments (706 KB)

Download Ch.50: Calibrating Yield Monitors (623 KB)

Download Ch.51: Corn Insect Pests (7.1 MB)

Download CH.52: Stored Grain Pests of Corn (3.0 MB)

Download Ch.53: Corn Storage and Drying (754 KB)

Download Ch.54: Using Vertical Financial Analysis to Assess Corn Production Costs (442 KB)

Download Appendix A: Corn Planting Guide (443 KB)

Download Appendix B: Seasonal Hazards – Frost, Hail, Drought and Flood (2.2 MB)

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