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Growing food, feed, and fiber in a manner sustainable for future generations is the starting point for improved food security. As the world population continues to grow, it is imperative to improve many aspects of agronomic production systems to better suit local conditions. This special issue of Agronomy Journal examines what agronomists see as today's or near future problems that are currently looming for different regions of the world. Authors from Africa, Asia, and South and North America were invited to write forum papers for this special issue. Some of the current agronomic practices and policies are unsustainable for diverse reasons. Workforce development, climate challenges, soil degradation, water limitations, and pest problems are discussed. Suggested solutions to these problems include integrated techniques, which need to be implemented in knowledgeable systems approaches, to sustain the environment and improve food security. It is hoped that this special issue serves as an outreach platform to the global community to improve communication and spark new collaborations.

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Agronomy Journal

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