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We examine the interactions, decisions, and evaluations of an interdisciplinary team of researchers tasked with developing an artificial intelligence-based agricultural decision support system that can provide farmers site-specific information about managing nutrients on their land. We answer the following research questions: (1) How does a relational perspective help an interdisciplinary team conceptualize ‘responsibility' in a project that develops precision agriculture (PA)? and (2) What are some lessons for a research team embarking on a similar interdisciplinary technology development project? We show that how RI is materialized in practice within an interdisciplinary research team can produce different understandings of responsibility, notions of measurement of ‘matter,’ and metrics of success. Future interdisciplinary projects should (1) create mechanisms for project members to see how power and privilege are exercised in the design of new technology and (2) harness social sciences as a bridge between natural sciences and engineering for organic and equitable collaborations.

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Journal of Responsible Innovation

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