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climatic stress, yield influence, meteorology, satellite imagery, climate effects


Crop performance and climatic records were collated for high production counties in South Dakota to evaluate the effects of temperature and precipitation on yields. The crops involved were corn, soybeans, sorghum, oats, spring wheat, and winter wheat. Records were compared for the period from 1965 to 1982. The computer data file for each county includes seven climatic parameters, dates of plant development, adjusted yield-and yield rank by year. The crop/climate record for the 17-year period was evaluated in sixteen counties per crop each year. Thus, 272 county x year observations were made for each crop, except for soybeans which involved 12 counties and 204 county x year observations. Multiple regression identify the significant factors influencing yield from a list of fourteen independent variables. The analysis was made on each crop within the designated counties over the 17-year period. In addition to results from multiple regression, salient climatic characteristics of years when yields were high or low for each crop are summarized in the attached report "Historical Crop/Climate Relationships in South Dakota - 1965 to 1982". Available county records in South Dakota identified significant climatic stress periods in the phenology of six crops and provides an excellent opportunity for improving yield prediction. A copy of the computer tape containing the data set (Copyrighted by D. G. Kenefick, 1984) has been provided to the sponsoring agency. Satellite imagery was gathered for seven crop stress situations in South Dakota. Scenes were dated and crops identified as having disease, freeze, or drought conditions. Climatic conditions leading to the stress situations and yield outcome was included in the analysis.

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