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In this paper, I delve into America's relationship with public space. Through literature review, critical analysis, and case studies, I answer the research questions: what is public space in America, and does it need to be improved? According to literature and experts, public space does not have a concrete definition; instead, it is a concept that evolves as people change and time passes; public space in 1890 was very different from public space in 2020. And in 2020, there has been a consensus by experts that public space is endangered by increased privatization and a disregard for public space's importance. The issues of space seen in recent decades have created a need for an overhaul of public space, and a serious reevaluation of the need for open and free space in America. I discuss how public space can be improved, using principles from city planners, and planning associations, and show these principles at work by comparing two sites. This research involves all Americans. It is unlikely that anyone has never used a public space, and a decline in public spaces affects every American, and must be discussed to prevent further damage and remedy current issues.




South Dakota State University


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