Fall River (1954 Part C and 1955) and Harding (1938 Part A) Counties, SD Air Photos



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Pedology CD 03-03
This file contains 116 images from Fall River County, SD (1954 Part C and 1955) and 25 images from Harding County, SD (1938 Part A).

The photos are from Fall River (1954 Part A and 1955) and Harding (1938 Part A) Counties, SD. No index map was prepared for the photos. The scale of the original photos was 1:20,000 or 3.17 inches = 1 mile. The inventory of images does not represent coverage of the entire counties. The 140 images contained in this file represent part of the air photo collection for Fall River and Harding Counties, SD that the South Dakota State University (SDSU) Pedology Project had on June 2003.
The structure of the files is as follows:

  1. There is a file folder for the county (e.g., Fall River and Harding).
  2. Within the county folder there is a folder for the year and month of the air photos (e.g., 1954Oct).
  3. Within the year folder there are files for each photo scanned. The images are identified by the code used on the original photo/image. There is a county ID, a flight ID, and a photo ID on each air photo and that is what was used to name the image (e.g., BNY-6N-106).
  4. Where possible, the original photo ID information was scanned with the photo (top of the image).
  5. Where more than one scan of an image was needed to scan all the image, the image ID was followed by an additional set of letters to indicate what part of the image the scan represents (e.g., BNY-6N-106BTM = bottom of image BNY-6N-106).
  6. Fall River County, SD photo code – BNY; Harding County. SD photo code – BOB.

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Fall River (1954 Part C and 1955) and Harding (1938 Part A) Counties, SD Air Photos