Professional Development Workshop for Science/Agriculture Educators

Immersive Learning Experiences And Rural Networking (I-LEARN) is an immersive professional development workshop created by five collaborating interdisciplinary faculty (Agricultural Education, Climatology, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) for secondary educators. This workshop will deliberately blend South Dakota Secondary Science and Agriculture Education teachers to apply best practices related to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This workshop will also immerse participants into SDSU’s agricultural science laboratories to explore first-hand current best practices relevant to scientific agricultural content.

An Expert Gallery of previous mentors can be found here The iLEARN Project Team:
  • Dr. Larry Browning (Physics)
  • Dr. Laura Edwards (Climate Science)
  • Dr. Madhav Nepal (Biology)
  • Dr. Matt Miller (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Troy White (Agriculture Education)

For more information contact Dr. Madhav Nepal or Dr. Troy White.
The iLEARN project is supported by USDA-AFRI Education Literacy Initiative (Award # 2017-68010-25956).


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