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The program of testing small grain varieties is a continuous one. New varieties appear on the list and some older names disappear. For this reason the annual publication of small grain variety tests conducted by the South Dakota Experiment Station has cone to be an accepted service provided by the small grain projects of the Agronomy Department of South Dakota State College. If the information furnished in this publication is to be meaningful it must reach the farmer directly, and indirectly through the means of the extension service and those other individuals concerned with the farmer and his problem. The usefulness of this data is further affected by the interpretation given to it. Obviously one year's data cannot describe the future behavior of a variety completely. Therefore, the yield of any variety must be considered from several aspects, such as, how did it behave when compared to older well known varieties, what climatic conditions prevailed in the area of the test and how frequently can we expect to have a season like the one being studied? To aid the user in the understanding of the yield results of the varieties listed, additional information is provided. (1) Table 1 and 2 consist of rainfall and temperature summaries from the station where tests are grown. (2) Five year averages are given when available. These averages give a less biased evaluation of the true yielding ability of a variety, inasmuch as several climatic conditions are being averaged together. (3) Variety performance tables are included and whenever possible illustrate the degree of severity of the yield reducing factors which may have attacked a particular crop. In all cases a first-hand knowledge of the past growing season will greatly aid the interpreter.

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Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State College