Publication Date

Summer 1981


Director’s Comment [p] 2 “We intend to meet the challenges you have given us. Like you, we are eager for the next 100 years”
Aphids on small grain [p] 5 “a lot of the spraying aphids on mature grain needed, but plants need close watching at either stages”
Broadcasting birds [p] 6 “Researchers ‘with their ears on ‘followed gray partridge for 2 years, found best places for birds in diversified cropping “
Depth gauge [p] 9 “save money, build this farm from things you’ve got laying around. Even if you don’t fish, you’ll be able to think up a substitution”
Rammed walls [p] 10 “If you had plenty of labor and time, no money and needed a hen house, rammed walls from college were just the ticket”
The water labs [p] 16 “irrigation wells, water treatment plants, dugouts, swimming pools- lab analyses for these and more “


Mary Brashier


Duane Hanson


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University



South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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Agriculture Commons



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