Publication Date

Spring 1986


Director’s Comment: Thirteen citizen’s-your neighbors-will set our goals. Help them out [p] 2
Keep oats clean: No racehorse premium, dockage, even refusal at the elevator if oats carry live insects [p] 3
McCrory Gardens facelift: Added attractions coming to garden that has already attracted worldwide acclaim [p] 6
Shared goals: Seedsmen and SDSU are partners in research and education acreage east of Brookings [p] 10
New: a chloride test: SDSU is first land=grant lab to make the recs; chloride mat boost your wheat yields [p] 12
More sheep, more disease: Scientists have become sleuths, tracking down elusive ‘villain’ in sheep abortions [p] 13
35-year wrap-up: He says they weren’t one-man projects, but in beef breeding one man was always there [p] 16
New releases: The newest varieties are two big oats, unique triticale, and a high-yield flax [p] 20


Mary Brashier


Duane Hanson


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University



South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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Agriculture Commons



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