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Winter 1994


Director's comments: Looking back to the future: Twenty years ago Ray Moore sat down to write his first "Comments" column as the director of the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. Now, in his last column, he takes time to look back and to look ahead. [p] 1
Ray Moore reflects on changes in farming in ag research: Ray Moore has seen tremendous changes in farming and in rural life during his 38 years at SDSU, and he believes that more changes in agriculture are inevitable in the years to come. [p] 2
Once in a lifetime weather: Long-standing South Dakota temperature and precipitation records were swept away by this summer's wet weather. And it's not over: whatever weather.lies ahead is not likely to be 'normal.' [p] 6
Rammed earth revisited: SDSU concluded its rammed earth research over 50 years ago, but requests for information keep coming in. Researchers from all over the globe are interested in rammed earth construction because it is strong, cheap, and energy efficient. [p] 8
Construction begins on new vet science and dairy facilities: The Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory was only the first of three new building projects at SDSU. Construction has begun on the Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Lab and the Dairy Research and Training Facility. [p] 12
106th Annual Report: The South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station presents its people and their projects. [p] 13


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