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Winter 1991


Leaving home Long-time Plant Science Department leader challenges scientists and public to work together in protecting our soil and water resources. [p] 2
Neither one nor the other Chances are that you measure "success" by a combination-a successful family lite and economic soundness in your farm operation. [p] 3
The 'treasured exception' Sometimes, an animal that doesn't fit the mold can.tell us more about all animals, even us, than any "average" critter could. [p] 7
Life in the old tree yet: Most windbreaks are past their prime but cleaning up the weeds gives them more years [p] 10
No other way: 'We are all animal welfarists," out of our own economic interests and also because we care. SDSU research guidelines are strict. [p] 13
They come in all sizes Twenty years ago, "large" feedlots produced 16% of state's fed cattle. Now they are turning out 64%. [p] 14
103rd annual report The Agricultural Experiment Station presents its people and their projects. [p] 17


Mary Brashier


Duane Hanson


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University







South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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