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Spring 1990


Director's comments [p] 2
LISA: Public policy: "Alternative" farmers call for greater flexibility in crop acreage requirements and for federal and state policies with greater conservation and environmental components. These concepts are supported by a broad base of South Dakota farmers and ranchers. [p] 3
LISA: Solis and yields Crop and tillage may have more impaci on soil and its water than the farming system, but environment overrides all. In drought, the best system was the alternate (low input) system; returns were about five times higher than from conventional systems. [p] 7
LISA: In the 'real world' There are common threads in the stories of practicing alternative producers. Yet they are also as independent in their practices and perceptions of risk as any farmer in South Dakota. Consequently, LISA does not take well to blanket statements. [p] 10
LISA: Friendly fungi: Under that stand of corn is a bizarre world of wars, "peace treaties," and strange relationships. One group of those micro-organisms makes its own pad with the corn roots, and we get higher yields as a result. [p] 14
Networking senior centers It goes against the grain to say we need more bureaucracy. Study shows, however, that senior centers may be as isolated and strapped for funds as the people they are attempting to serve. Answer may be a county- wide network. [p] 16
IMR In Shannon County The death rate of infants on the Pine Ridge Reservation is three to five times that of white babies. The reason is not because they are Native Americans. The reason is poverty. [p] 19


Mary Brashier


Duane Hanson


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University







South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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