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Summer 1994


Guest Comments: 'New way of doing research' in Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory: Dr. David Hurley delivers an overview of the new integrated research team concept at the NPBL. The team designs allow for quicker reaction and innovative new solutions to agricultural problems. [p] 1
SDSU scientists add a new dimension to research: Biotechnology has become an integral part of research in many agricultural disciplines at SDSU. Five SDSU scientists are actually transferring genes, and over 25 others are using the tools of molecular biology in their work. [p] 2
New SDSU facilities nearing completion: New construction at SDSU did not end with the dedication of the Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory last September. Buildings under construction will directly benefit the Agricultural Experiment Station and the people of South Dakota. [p] 8
Wheat first must pass SDSU taste test before it is grown on the moon: NASA is concerned about long-term food storage for people living and working on permanent space stations and moon bases. Dr. Madeleine Rose is helping NASA find answers that may also benefit people back on Earth. [p] 10
Machines that see: From the grocery store scanner that "reads" the prices of products to the "smart" bombs of Operation Desert Storm, examples of machine vision are growing fast. SDSU scientists are testing possible agricultural applications of the technology. [p] 12
Wake-up call for South Dakota communities: South Dakota's rural communities are in trouble. Survival may mean consolidation and redistribution of services, as we expand our concept of "community" to stretch well beyond the edge of town. [p] 15


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University







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