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Background: The physical and emotional demands of the nursing profession often cause increased stress and burnout in nurses. If burnout is not addressed, the negative consequences of burnout are perpetuated by one another. Evidence-based interventions, such as meditation, yoga, and physical activity can help reduce nurse burnout.
Local Problem: This project was completed at an ambulatory dermatology clinic that sees approximately 300 patients a day. In recent years, this department has noticed increased nurse turnover and low nurse morale.
Methods: A convenience sample from approximately 30 nurses was utilized. Burnout was measured using the Maslach Burnout Inventory for Medical Personnel pre- and postintervention.
Interventions: Every week, participants chose to complete meditation, yoga, or a physical activity within the FitOn smartphone application (app) for 30 minutes 5 days a week. Participants were encouraged to switch between meditation, yoga, and physical activity each day.
Results: Seven nurses initially participated in the project, and one participant completed the project in its entirety. The participant’s emotional exhaustion score decreased from 31 out of 54 to 9, depersonalization decreased from 3 out of 30 to 0, and personal accomplishment remained unchanged at 37 out of 48.
Conclusion: Additional projects are needed to further examine the impact of meditation, yoga, and physical activity on nurse burnout.


South Dakota State University


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