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Summer 2011

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[Page] 2 Speaking around the world Chandradhar Dwivedi speaks in India and China.
[Page] 4 A start-up company Omathanu Perumal is chief scientific officer of his own business.
[Page] 6 Avera research labs Faculty are impressed with twelve first-floor labs in Avera North.
[Page] 7 Grants coordinator Brent Meredith’s job is to improve the quality of grant proposals.
[Page] 8 The Monarchs South Dakota Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Association Hall of Fame inducts 1960s band.
[Page] 10 Faculty office named Dady family donates $25,000 to Avera Health and Science Center.
[Page] 11 A good foundation Values taken from athletics made Woody Hillberg the person he is today.
[Page] 12 WWII Pharmacy graduates remember joining their country’s cause seventy years ago.
[Page] 14 War memories In the minds of veterans, the sounds and feelings of explosion remain fresh.
[Page] 16 Joining forces Walmart teams with College to create student leadership program.
[Page] 17 Student leadership winners Two groups each awarded $2,250 to implement projects.
[Page] 18 White Coat Ceremony Record number (eighty) receive symbol of professionalism.
[Page] 19 Distinguished Graduate Sarah Nagel hopes for career in hospital pharmacy.
[Page] 20 Entrepreneurship Mark Nelsen shares the opportunities that private ownership can bring.
[Page] 22 2011 graduates
[Page] 25 Student organization awards Six professional organizations receive, give awards.
[Page] 26 Boston Marathon P3 student Cy Fixen runs an impressive time at the fabled 26.2-mile event.
[Page] 27 Major appointment Terry Hoffman is the first SDSU student to gain the appointment since ’02.
[Page] 28 Department of Pharmacy Practice James Clem reports.
[Page] 29 Department of Pharmaceutical Science Chandradhar Dwivedi reports. [Page] 32 Teacher of the Year Associate Professor Becky Baer is going out on a high note.
[Page] 33 College news Dean Dennis Hedge given honorary president award by S.D. Pharmacists.
[Page] 34 Phonathon Dwindling landline contacts has the College thinking about Facebook, Twitter.
[Page] 35 Preceptor of the Year Angela Johnson ’01 remembers what it is like to be a student.
[Page] 37 Development director’s column Private dollars make program even stronger.


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