Cheddar cheese manufactured from condensed milk.

S. J. Foster, South Dakota State University
R. J. Baer
V. V. Mistry



The effect of condensing milk by evaporation on Cheddar cheese composition, yield, and quality was studied. Milk fat globules increased in number and decreased in size in whole condensed milk indicating a partial homogenization effect. Small fat globules (<2>μm) increased in number in separated condensed milks, however, large fat globule numbers did not change. Cheddar cheese made from whole condensed milk had greater fat retention in curd and less fat loss in whey than cheeses made from whole, separated, or separated condensed milks. Cheese made from whole condensed milk was curdy in body and texture at 1 mo of age, but this defect disappeared during aging. The major benefit to the manufacturer of condensing milk would be more efficient utilization of existing equipment.