Accelerated ripening of reduced-fat cheddar cheese from condensed milk.

R. L. Brandsma, South Dakota State University



Reduced fat Cheddar cheeses were manufactured from control uncondensed milk (10.27% total solids) and condensed milks containing 15.40, 18.33, and 22.23% total solids. Three ripening treatments were applied to the cheeses: control, 6 to 7°C; elevated temperature, 11°C; and enzyme added, 6 to 7°C. The cheeses were ripened for up to 12 wk. Soluble nitrogen production was slower in the condensed milk cheeses. Condensed milk cheeses were drier and had crumbly body with increasing milk concentration. Elevated ripening temperatures increased the rate of proteolysis in the cheeses, and cheeses developed surface crystals and off-flavor at 12 wk of age. Addition of lyophilized protease and lipase enzymes derived from Aspergillus oryzaeincreased rates of proteolysis and lipolysis, but rancidity developed between 8 and 12 wk of age. The protease increased the rate of β-casein hydrolysis. Condensed milk cheeses had more Cheddar flavor than the control cheese.