The 2019 SDSU Data Science symposium will be hosted at SDSU campus on February 4 - 5, 2019. The symposium will include pre-conference workshops, oral presentations, poster presentation, and keynote addresses.

The SDSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics hosts Data Science Symposium on the SDSU campus annually. The symposium aims to bring together people from various backgrounds providing a mix of academic and industrial learning opportunities to the region including South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa and beyond. All participants can expect to gain a larger perspective of data science through connecting the education, research, and use cases in the industry. By attending you can expand your knowledge, share your experiences, and develop relationships with students, faculty, and companies. Business leaders, recruiters, Professionals, and Practitioners will have the opportunity to promote their business, recruit talent and receive training.

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SDSU Data Science Symposium 2019
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