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Ally is currently working at Polaris in Minneapolis, MN. Previously, she was involved in reporting and modeling for the digital department at the Star Tribune. Her work included recommendation models, customer retention, and map development. Previous to working at the Star Tribune, Ally worked as a Data Science Consultant with RProfet. In this position, she was deeply involved in all aspects of the modeling process. She is a subject matter expert in credit modeling as well as the development of the regular reporting processes and documentation necessary to create data driven decisions. Ally earned a BA in Mathematics Education from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and an MS in Statistics from South Dakota State University. During her time at SDSU she held a research assistantship and an internship in digital media. In her research she developed new statistical power calculations for measuring mixtures of non-normal distributions to measure the profitability in A/B testing in credit card customer behavior.