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The main reason for the author's interest in studying the economic impacts of Native American casino gaming is due to the rapid growth and high profitability that this industry has evidenced over the past decade within South Dakota. This paper will analyze the positive effects of Indian casinos on reservations within South Dakota, with the main objective to show that Native American casino gaming has improved the economic quality of life on the state's reservations. A limited number of independent studies exist regarding the economic and social impacts of Indian gambling, particularly at the statewide level. A minority of studies found a balance of positive and negative results from legalized gambling on reservations, whereas a majority of the reports have found a net positive economic impact for the tribal governments, their members and the surrounding communities. Economic development on Indian reservations is an area desperately in need of further research. The paper, will consider the increases in employment, wages, and revenue on the South Dakota Native American reservations as the result of casinos. The findings will include information regarding the positive effects that casino gaming has had on the economy of South Dakota, such as shrinking unemployment rates, more competitive wages, and increasing tribal revenue throughout the state.



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