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It is undoubtedly true that now, more than at any time previously, statistical analyses hold an increasingly important place in the business world. It is decidedly important to be the man in business, whether he be farmer, manufacturer, or retailer, that he knows what the trend of business has been in the past, and what the current trend is, so that he may anticipate changes which statistical analyses show are taking place in his particular phase of business or industry. As it applies to smaller units of business, so does it apply to the whole business structure. This study has been undertaken with the expectation that it will be regarded mainly as a preliminary step in the construction of a reliable index of economic activity in South Dakota. It is anticipated that studies of a similar nature will be carried on , with the purpose of supplementing what has been done and thus making a more complete resume of the trend of business conditions within the state . It is hoped that such information may prove of interest and value when utilized as a current indicator of economic conditions, but it is not expected that it will be used as a means of forecasting conditions at some future time.

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