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The American people as a whole were aroused to the necessity of exercise and physical fitness when they became acquainted with the statistics on the men rejected from military service during World War II. Since World War II, increased interest in physical fitness has become evident. Several recent conferences, on the national level, have been held to discuss the subject of physical fitness of our youth. These conferences have been brought about, mainly, as a result of the findings revealed by the Kraus-Weber Test of Minimum Muscular Fitness. In South Dakota, one could question the physical fitness status of the children, since it is one of the very few states which does not have a required physical education program in the schools. There is only one way to de4termine this status, and that is to test the children. The specific purposes of this study, therefore, are: (1) to determine the physical fitness status of a selected group of South Dakota children, ages six to twelve, as measured by the Kraus-Weber Test of Minimum Muscular fitness. (2) Compare the findings of this study with those of previous studies. (3) Add information to studies conducted elsewhere. (4) Provide evidence which will aid school administrators in making curricular changes.

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