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In the last quarter century the life of the agrarian people of South Dakota has changed from one of heavy physcial activity to one which could be described, in comparison, as sedentary. The children have quickly become attracted to this easier life and have progressively made life even less active, physically. It is common knowledge that growing child must have strenuous activity for complete biological development. It is the responsibility of the school to provide the child with a complete education which takes care of his physical, social, emotional as well as his mental needs. As one looks in on the public schools of South Dakota, he would suspect that physical education is not carrying its load. This defect of South Dakota public schools was one of the reasons which caused the author to attempt this study. The purposes of the study are: (1) To determine the change in the physical fitness indices of 29 low physical fitness individuals after a nine week program of developmental physical education; (2) To determine any change in grade point average for these 29 low physical fitness individuals after completing this developmental program of physical education; (3) To make a comparison, by percentile rank, for the American Council on Education scores and the physical fitness indices; (4) To determine the relationship between the basal metabolism rate and the physical fitness index; (5) To determine the home, health, social, and emotional adjustment of male students with low physical fitness indices; (6) To determine through an interview what personal information might be elucidated from these low physical fitness students; (7) to attempt to find some of the probable causes of low physical fitness; (8) To make suggestions for revision and improvement of the required physical education program as the findings might indicate.

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