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This research problem is a study of the use of advisory councils in vocational agriculture departments. Advisory groups have been used extensively in connection with many institutions and organizations in democratic societies. Public educational agencies, however, have been slow to accept and use advisory groups even though they have been recommended highly by authorities in education. In view of this discrepancy, this study is designed to investigate the use made of advisory councils in a vocational agriculture department. Unfortunately, in too many instances an undue share of the instructor’s time is devoted to a particular activity in which the department has participated meritoriously, which is often highly publicized, and which the instructor has special expertise. Overemphasizing such projects can lead to a farmer training program that becomes unbalanced. An active advisory council provides an exceptional opportunity for broadening and improving the agricultural instruction offered. This study was made in an effort to determine the following information regarding the use made of advisory councils in vocational agriculture departments: the extent of use made of advisory councils; the purposes of such council; the methods of organization; the conduct of meetings; the practices which appear likely to lead to success; the practices which appear likely to result in failures; the attitude of vocational agriculture teachers toward the use of advisory councils; and the outcomes or results credited to advisory group activities.

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