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Can a high school such as Milbank High School use with reliable results the General Aptitude Test Battery as an integral part of the school’s guidance program? The objectives of this research stud are (1) to investigate and analyze the General Aptitude Test Battery and its applicability to a high school guidance program, and (2) to determine to what degree the results of the General Aptitude Test Battery can be used in the high school for prognosis. This study seems to the writer to be significant in that the general Aptitude Test Battery is being used increasingly in the vocational guidance of high school students. Each year the problem of making a satisfactory vocational choice is becoming more difficult for the youth of this country. Any tool of guidance that helps youth with his occupational choice needs to be studied in order to determine its effectiveness and to find better ways to help the youth of America.

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Ability -- Testing
Vocational guidance
High school graduates -- South Dakota -- Milbank


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