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A major objective of the programs of physical education, health, education, and recreation is the acquisition, on the part of the student, of a wide variety of motor skills. Measurement will aid in the accomplishment of this individual’s motor skills, and (2) determining the effectiveness of the progress. Exercise of strength, as in weight lifting and in wrestling, demand strong muscular effort during each contraction. Large muscle groups are used vigorously, giving at the same time fixation of the chest with attendant stoppage of respiration and increase in arterial pressure. Necessarily, then, bodily strength must always be of primary concern to the physical educator, as upon it depends the individual’s ability to learn physical skills, to maintain body vigor, and to resist fatigue. Moreover, endurance and speed depend to some degree upon strength. Karpovich and Pestrecov in their study of inmates and college students also indicated that endurance was based upon strength. Those who were stronger also increased in endurance more rapidly.

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