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This report attempts (1) to present background information on the current status of Vietnamese education, (2) to show the structure, operation, and progress of educational organizations in Vietnam, and (3) to offer source materials useful for further study of the Vietnamese school policies and practices. The study contains both descriptive and statistical information on the marked features of the Vietnamese national school system from kindergarten to university. Every effort has been made to draw together the available up-to-date material and scattered data, and to present these in a uniform and systematic pattern, using the American equivalent terminology for comparative information purpose. Selective information on which this study is based was drawn from sources such as books, pamphlets, bulletins, government publications and official statistics, and personal collected data. The writer realized the broad scope of the subject, because a complete report of this type could be written on several of its subdivisions. This study was limited, therefore, to the presentation of basic material and salient characteristics in the light of enough background information to enable the interested reader to interpret the essential facts concerning the structure and functioning of the national education system in present day Vietnam.

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