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Agricultural Engineering


Comparing theoretical and laboratory model discharge rating curves for a small discharge structure is relatively easy, but obtaining reliable field data on the prototype for additional comparison sometimes presents formidable problems. Generally, the construction and testing of a model and a corresponding prototype to obtain comparisons is not economically feasible. In this particular case, the reverse order of development was employed, and a model was constructed of an existing field structure. Data was obtained from both the laboratory and field studies and theoretical, laboratory, and field comparisons made. It was the desire of the author to substantiate criteria on which future design of mechanical spillways for small watershed detention basins could be based. Objectives of this investigation: (1) To investigate the ability of the V-notch, east in the front lip of the spillway in removing small flows. (2) To investigate the effect, on the discharge rating curve, of a corrugated metal end section on the precast concrete conduit. (3) To investigate the three types of flow; weir flow, slug flow, and full-pipe flow; generally assumed to exist in this type of structure. (4) To make theoretical, laboratory, and field comparisons of the existing closed conduit spillway on the watershed. (5) To obtain a discharge rating curve for the field closed conduit spillway.

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