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Physical Education


The purpose of this study was to determine whether surface temperature of the feet, body temperature, and heart rate are affected by immersing the subjects' feet in a cold water bath of 34° 40°Fahrenheit before and after basketball practice sessions. Twelve male freshman basketball members at South Dakota State University participated in the study conducted over a period of four weeks and four days during the last part of the 1967-1968 basketball season. Each subject was tested six times during this period. The paired i comparison was used to divide the subjects into pairs. Each pair was divided randomly into experimental and control groups. Surface temperature of the feet, body temperature, and heart rate was taken for each subject before practice, immediately after practice, five minutes after practice, and ten minutes after practice. The experimental group immersed their feet in a cold water bath before practice and three minutes after practice. The members of the control group rested during this period. The investigator was concerned with the mean gain or loss between the groups. As a result of the statistical analysis of the data obtained, the investigator found that surface temperature of the feet showed a statistical significance during the short recovery period. Body temperature and heart rate showed no statistical significance, but were lower for group using the cold water bath than for the group observing the rest period.

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