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The purpose of this investigation was to compare the effects of three different weight training programs on the development of muscular strength, muscular endurance, muscular girth, and cardiovascular endurance. Thirty freshman and varsity football players from the 1968 South Dakota State University football teams were used as subjects. The subjects were randomly divided into three different groups. One group trained using a modification of the DeLorme-Watkins method of training; the second group followed the traditional strength training method, while the third followed a circuit training program. The conditioning programs for the three groups consisted of ten exercises: bench press, military press, two arm curl, erect rowing, lat exercise, sit-up, bent rowing, leg press, heel raisers, and dead lift. Training covered a period of seven weeks, with the subjects meeting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for twenty-one training sessions. Tests for muscular strength, endurance, and girth were administered before the program began, at the end of three weeks of training, and at the conclusion of the training program. Cardiovascular endurance was determined and data were recorded at the beginning and at the end of the training program. Two weeks separated the initial test and the start of the program because of the semester break. Within the limitations of this study, the following conclusions were made: 1. The three training programs used for this study all improved strength, muscular endurance, girth, and cardiovascular endurance. 2. The modified DeLorme-Watkins, traditional strength, and circuit training programs produced basically the same results for muscular strength, endurance and girth; however, the circuit training program produced the best results for cardiovascular endurance. 3. Since the three methods of weight training produced basically the same results, the investigator suggests the use of circuit training for the development of physical fitness due to the shorter period of time required to complete the daily training program.

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