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Test procedures for a battery powered, electric, skid loader were developed and implemented. These procedures divided skid-steer operation into individual segments that were more readily tested than a complete routine. These segments included loader (lifting, lowering, bucket dump, and bucket tilt-back), constant velocity draft, acceleration draft, and turning operations. Battery power, as a function of the independent variables, was used in regression analysis to obtain prediction equations for battery power and energy. These equations were combined into a computer prediction model that was used to predict the energy requirements of Skidtric for specified tasks. Skidtric was judged to operate satisfactorily in all operational segments except turning, where prohibitively large amounts of power and energy were required to overcome the skidding resistance. Based on this, Skidtric was judged to be poorly suited to battery power in its present form. However, modification of the drive train to increase output torque at the wheels may improve the turning performance and make Skidtric suitable for battery electric power. Skidtric's side entry cab was found to be both safe and convenient for the operator. The testing of Elamin, and Vik, indicated that, for certain applications, EVs could perform as well as PPVs. However, no such testing or comparison had been performed on a skid-steer type, electric vehicle. Cost comparisons of various types of PPVs and EVs including cars, trucks, vans, and tractors have been inconclusive. Therefore, for the purposes of this project, cost comparisons were not considered for Skidtric with the recommendation ·that owning and operating cost comparison studies be made at a later time. Initial testing plans were focused on defining Skidtric's operating parameters, determining a performance base for comparison purposes, and developing a model for performance prediction. The objectives of this project were to devise test plans for the Electric Choremaster II, perform these tests, evaluate the results, develop and evaluate a computer model to describe Skidtric's performance, and to recommend changes in both the vehicle and the model.

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