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The purpose of this study· was to determine the extent to which home economics teachers in South Dakota were using learning packages. A second purpose was to determine teacher and pupil reaction to package teaching and learning. Of the 200 home economics teachers responding to the· teacher questionnaire, 72 or 36 percent indicated they had used learning packages during the 1970-71 school year. There was no significant difference among teachers with varying years of teacher experience as to whether or not they used packages. CAPSULES were the major source or type of learning package used by home economics teachers in South Dakota. Packages were combined with other methods by the majority of teachers. A highly significant difference was found among teachers in the extent to which they used various teaching methods with learning packages. A significant difference was also found in the extent to which home economics teachers used the various evaluation techniques with learning packages, Most frequently listed advantages found in package teaching were largely advantages seen for pupils using learning packages including learning at one’s own rate and according to one's own ability level, Increased preparation time was the leading disadvantage, Pupils were selected on the basis of a random sampling of the 72 teachers using learning packages, Responses of 583 pupils representing twenty schools were evaluated, The majority of pupils indicated they learned best in small group situations and that they used packages only in home economics classes, The majority of pupils responding felt packages permitted them to learn at one’s own rate, to learn what interests one’s self, to study in depth, and to spend less time completing a project, Significant differences were found among pupils in different schools for all these factors. Learning at one's own rate and learning what interests one's self were the advantages most frequently listed by pupils. Grading requirements were the leading disadvantage. Significant differences were noted among pupils in different schools as to how frequently various evaluation devices were used with learning packages. Significant differences were also found among pupils by school in their use of learning aids combined with learning packages.

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